The Role of Technology in Care Home Pharmacy: Advancements and Innovations in Medication Management Systems

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Medication errors are one of the most preventable types of hospital admissions in the UK. A recent study estimated that 237 million medication errors occur each year in England and cost the NHS nearly £100 million pounds annually. Up to 33% of these errors are categorised as ‘clinically significant’ and cause over 1500 deaths per year.

Advancements in technology are helping to reduce medicine errors in care homes, with smart processes and programmes being utilised to ensure patients are treated correctly and safely. One of the most effective applications used to achieve this are electronic medication management systems.

Medication Management Systems

Particularly in a care home setting, medication management systems have revolutionised and streamlined patient care. These systems allow for a more comprehensive electronic monitoring and recording of medications, from reporting, to ordering, to administering.

There is easier access and more transparency in an electronic medication management system. Everyone involved with a patient’s care can access the system which gives healthcare providers an in-depth, real-time picture of the patient’s health so patient care is greatly enhanced.

Technology and Care Home Pharmacists

A care home pharmacist is specially trained in the medication needs and requirements of a care home. By taking over medication management, care home staff can devote more of their resources to the patients instead of worrying about medication administration.

Having a dedicated pharmacist also means that you have someone on site who is dedicated solely to one area of a patient’s care. This reduces the chances of errors, wastage, and medication mismanagement.

The electronic prescription service (EPS) used by most pharmacists and doctors  allows for the quick dispatch of medications. Electronic prescriptions also reduce the chances for errors, especially if there are safeguards in place to flag any unusual or erroneous requests. Automated dispensation provides further protection against potentially harmful mistakes.

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PTMD has always recognised the role of technology in patient care. By using proven technological advancements, we can provide our patients and care home resident’s the best possible care. To learn more about how our care home pharmacy in Kineton and Stratford Upon Avon can improve your care home, contact us directly. Find out today why we are the most trusted care home pharmacy in Warwick and Chipping Campden.

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