Tips for managing NHS Repeat Prescription

NHS Repeat Prescription

You have more options when it comes to receiving your NHS repeat prescriptions than you used to. You no longer have to visit or call in to your GP surgery to get refills of medications that you take regularly. Through the electronic prescription service (EPS), medications can be requested and dispensed electronically.

Using the EPS saves time both for patients, GPs, and administrative staff. Everything can be done quickly with just the touch of a few keystrokes. While most requests will only be dealt with by GP surgeries during office hours, patients can request medication and monitor their requests 24/7 through online portals or NHS approved apps.

Benefits of Electronic NHS Repeat Prescriptions

A repeat prescription is a medication you take regularly. Unlike one-off or short-term medications, you don’t need to see your GP each time you need a refill. Instead, your GP may only need to see you every year or so to check that the medication still has a therapeutic value to your health.

Requesting your repeat prescription electronically cuts time and effort out of getting the medications you need. This helps to reduce the strain on NHS services as well because they aren’t spending as much time face-to-face or on the phone dealing with medication requests.

Electronic prescriptions also provide a clearer audit trail and result in fewer transcription errors.

How to Get Electronic NHS Repeat Prescriptions

You may need to check with your GP practice to see which options they offer for request medication electronically. Most surgeries have an online portal where you can make appointments, view test results, and order medications.

There are also apps like the NHS App and the Healthera which let you request medications as well as perform other online tasks relating to your healthcare.

Depending on who your nominated pharmacy is, you may be able to order your medications through their own app or online portal.

NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Stratford Upon Avon and Wellesbourne

Pharmacy to My Door can manage all your medication and prescription needs through our comprehensive electronic services. Our pharmacists will use the EPS system to contact your surgery with your medication request and, once approved, dispense it for you.

If you’d like to save even more time and skip the trips to the pharmacy, we can have your medications shipped right to your door at no extra cost to your or the NHS! This makes NHS repeat prescriptions easier than ever. If you normally pay for your prescriptions you will still need to do so, but there is no extra cost to you for us dispensing and delivering your prescriptions.

Give us a call, drop in, or use our website to sign up for seamless and efficient NHS repeat prescription n Chipping Norton, Kineton, and Chipping Campden from Pharmacy to My Door.

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