Tips For Ordering A Repeat Prescription Online

Tips for ordering a repeat prescription online

Tips For Ordering a Repeat Prescription Online

The digital age has meant that ordering a repeat prescription online has never been easier or more simple. Gone are the days of needing another appointment or physically attending the surgery followed by queuing up at the local chemist.

Repeat prescription Services in Kineton

We can organise your NHS repeat prescription with our online prescription service meaning you can obtain your medication straight from us without having to go via the GP.

There are a few key pointers to ensure your repeat prescriptions ordered online are hassle-free.  Take care to order your repeat prescriptions online via our service 7-10 days before your current medicines run out. We will automatically contact the GP and once their authorisation is received, we will prepare and pack your medicines either for delivery to your door or for you to collect in person.

Repeat prescriptions ordered online

Using technology to streamline the process and allowing you to order repeat prescriptions online saves you the time and trouble of contacting or visiting your GP surgery. This is invaluable for those who struggle with mobility issues and takes all the worry out of ordering and collecting the medication. It can be done at the click of a button and we will do everything for you. It is easy to adjust, amend or cancel the prescription as our pharmacy will verify any changes with your own GP.

Using an online prescription service simplifies the process not only making it trouble-free and easier for the patient but easing the pressure on overstretched local GP services. It cuts out administration tasks for your surgery and frees up precious GP appointments for other people.

No more worry

Now you need never worry that you are going to run out of essential medication or be unable to collect it during bad winter weather or immobility caused by illness. Forget having to venture out in difficult conditions with young children. We offer a fully integrated online prescription service with your local doctor and our comprehensive pharmacy services from the comfort of your own home. Our pharmacy leaflet explains the service in more detail.

Visit our website at to learn more.

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