Although we are known for the safe delivery of repeat prescription medications, Pharmacy to My Door is pleased to offer additional services.

We are proud of our investment in care home services in Warwickshire, and are pleased to offer private doctor services, too.

We’ve all be affected by staff shortages and cutbacks within the NHS. But when you are acutely unwell, you want to be able to see your GP that day for diagnosis and treatment. Being told that there are no appointments can leave you feeling even worse. Many people are choosing to search for private doctor services in Warwick, and Pharmacy to My Door offers appointments that are easily booked online. Choose your preferred time and be seen that day by an experienced GP.

We have partnered with MedicSpot for anyone aged over five in need of a private GP service in Warwick. Appointments are held at Pharmacy to My Door, where you can take advantage of an online video consultation followed by a full physical examination. Discussion of the diagnosis follows. Our appointments cost just £39.99. If treatment is recommended, your medication can be paid for and collected from our in-house pharmacy, saving you time and allowing you to start treatment immediately.

Whilst other pharmacies have stopped providing “dosset boxes” to residential homes, Pharmacy to My Door is committed to providing care home services in Warwick. Other pharmacies will now only deliver medications in their original packaging; Pharmacy to My Door has invested in a dispensing robot to continue supplying medications in user-friendly dosset boxes.

For care home staff, a dosset box makes drug rounds quicker, affording them more time to spend on other clinical tasks. Dosset boxes aid medication compliance, and reduce clinical errors. Additionally, our skilled pharmacists can answer any medication queries from staff, residents or relatives as appropriate, as part of our care home services in Warwickshire.

For more information about our private GP service in Warwick or care home services in Warwickshire, contact Pharmacy to My Door today on 01608 666017 or