Ways You Can Order Your Prescriptions

Ways You Can Order Your Prescriptions

The Coronavirus pandemic changed forever how people interact with medical and healthcare professionals. One big advantage has been the increase in electronic repeat dispensing which saves you the time and effort of visiting your GP surgery and also cuts down on admin time for surgery staff. It has never been easier to order your repeat prescriptions. If you are looking for an NHS repeat prescription service in Chipping Norton then contact PTMD.

How to Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

It couldn’t be easier to get an online repeat prescription.

Instead of going to your surgery to order more medication, choose your pharmacist and look at their website online.

Create a simple account with your key data and then add on your prescription medicines, the ones you have regularly.

When you need repeat medication, place an order using your online account. The pharmacy will contact your GP so you don’t need to and within around 48 hours, your GP will confirm the medication and send through an electronic prescription direct to the pharamcist. If your GP needs to see you at this point to review your medicine options then your local surgery will get in touch.

Once the pharmacy has confirmation of the order, then your repeat medication will be despatched for free to your home address or to another location if you prefer. There is no need to go and collect it in person unless you want to.

Getting your prescription online couldn’t be easier and it saves you having to visit both the GP surgery and the chemist or ask someone else to do it for you.

You can change pharmacy if you want to by just closing your account. Most online pharmacies wil send out handy email reminders when it is time to order more medicine. It is easy to update your details online such as removing medication you no longer need or adding in a new address.

Electronic repeat dispensing has revolutionised how medicines are dispensed in the UK, reducing human error and making huge savings in terms of staff time. Why not contact PTMD to order your repeat prescriptions? Our handy online service is simple to use and the easiest way to get your NHS repeat prescription in Chipping Norton.

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