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Weight Loss
Change starts with a decision. Trust PTMD with your weight loss by signing up for a pharmacy guided weight loss programme with consultation and ongoing support.

According to recent reports, almost half of the British public is unhappy with their physical appearance.

Compounded by the incidence of lockdown, many people are now finding themselves physically out of shape. Recognising the need to support our community, we are now pleased to offer a tailored weight loss management service in partnership with the 1:1 Cambridge Weight Plan. Our pharmacy guided weight loss programme includes consultation and regular monitoring by a qualified pharmacist who has specially trained as a Cambridge Weight Loss Consultant.

The Benefits of Our Weight Loss Management Service

Many people embark upon a weight loss journey guided only by their own motivation. While this works for some, statistics show that receiving support effectively increases your chances of weight loss success. Because of this, we have made sure to integrate weight loss support as a central part of our service. Through our programme, you will be monitored weekly by the pharmacist you are paired with through zoom consultations in which your progress will be reviewed and any questions and concerns which may arise can be addressed.

How Our Weight Loss Programme Works

The Cambridge 1:1 Diet is scientifically proven to encourage weight loss with medical weight loss research results published both by the NHS and the British Medical Journal. The principal efforts of this weight loss programme focus on calorific control through meal replacement, and of course, providing continued support and weight loss tips from your own personal pharmaceutically knowledgeable cheerleader. who will help you stay on track, can also help keep you safe by monitoring any medical concerns in the process, ensuring that the results you achieve won’t come at the price of jeopardizing your health.

Why Choose Our Weight Loss Management Service

The weight loss treatment we offer is scientifically backed, comes with ongoing supervision and support to ensure the programme is being adhered to correctly, and is provided to you at a cost of around £10 per day. The approach we take to your weight management is carefully structured and the meal replacement products which you are supplied with are varied and downright tasty. Our integrated approach in partnership with the Cambridge 1:1 Weight Plan offers a calculated method to achieve weight loss success.

If you’re looking for a healthy weight management service overseen by trusted pharmacists and the weight management professionals responsible for curating the Cambridge 1:1 Diet, then get in touch with us today by filling out our enquiry form and receive a call back from one of our pharmacists.

Get in touch with us today by filling out our enquiry form and receive a call back from one of our pharmacists.