What are the advantages of using a Dosette Box?

Dosette Box Pharmacy Long Compton

There are many different ways to organise your medications, but here at Pharmacy to My Door we can’t recommend using a dosette box enough. As a leading dosette box pharmacy in Banbury and Wellesbourne, we know how much a dosette box can improve a person’s healthcare routine.

Our dosette boxes take all the headache out of managing your pills and make medication management completely hassle free. Our patients and customers will tell you that signing up to PTMD’s dosette box service has helped them stay on top of their healthcare.

What is a Dosette Box?

Dosette boxes from PTMD are an advanced way to organise your pills. They are robotically pre-packaged with all your medications, which are then separated clearly labelled by day and time of day so you will always take the right medications at the right time. Each compartment is easy to open, even if you have mobility issues.

Missing doses or doubling up on doses can be dangerous, especially if you’re managing multiple health conditions. A dosette box is a visible reminder of which medications you’ve taken and which ones you need to take. There’s also information and pictures included about each medication so you can stay informed about what you’re taking and why.

In addition to helping you take your medications at the right time, PTMD ensures that you never have to worry about reordering your medication or running out. We’ll work with your GP to stay on top of your refills and deliver everything you need right to your doorstep. We’ll even let you know when you’re due a medication review.

Benefits of a Dosette Box

Vulnerable patients or patients who take multiple medications throughout the day will greatly benefit from using a dosette box, especially if they have memory issues. They’re also useful for carers or family members who manage a loved one’s health. They can easily keep track of the patient’s medications and won’t have to worry about running around picking up prescriptions. This gives carers more one-on-one time with those they care for.

For patients in care homes or who have carers coming in to help, each dosette box has the patient’s name and address on the box. We can also add a photo of the patient for extra security. Many care homes enlist our services as a dosette box pharmacy in Long Compton to simplify patients’ medications. Dosette Boxes are provided as a routine part of our service to partnering Residential Nursing and Care Homes.

How Do I Sign Up for a Dosette Box?

If you’d like to learn more about dosette boxes or sign yourself or a loved one up for one, you can do so through our website or by contacting us. We are a trusted dosette box pharmacy in Banbury and Shipston on Stour that’s proud to provide our local community with services that enhance their health and wellbeing.

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