What are the benefits of a dosette box?

dosette box pharmacy in Stratford

      Pharmacy to My Door is a trusted pharmacy that specialises in medication management. Our dosette boxes are a hassle-free way to help patients correctly and easily keep to their medication schedules. They’re incredibly useful for older patients, but anyone who takes multiple medications will find our dosette boxes beneficial.

      Benefits of PTMD’s Dosette Box

      Unlike other methods of medication management that rely on the patient, our dosette box pharmacy in Shipston on Stour and Bloxham handle most the work for you. We’ll dispense your medications, send them to your home, and consult with your GP when you need refills or changes.

      Other benefits include:

      • Easy to Use: Your dosette box from Pharmacy to My Door has easy to open compartments that are clearly labelled. They’re designed for patients who struggle with opening blister packs and/or have vision impairments.
      • Informative: Each dosette box has comprehensive information and pictures of your medications so you’ll know what you’re taken and why. Patients who are informed and involved in their healthcare have better overall health outcomes.
      • Helps Your Carers: If you have carers or family members who help with your care, they can easily see what your medications are by looking at your dosette box. They can also ensure you’re taking your medications and getting your refills.
      • Keeps You on Schedule: It’s hard to remember to take your pills at the right time each day, especially if you take multiple medications. Our dosette boxes are large, visual reminders of your medications and contain details about when you need to take your pills.
      • Reduces Waste: We only dispense the medication your doctor has prescribed. This cuts down on waste, a practice that costs the NHS considerable money each year.
      • Safe and Secure: PTMD’s dosette boxes have barcode tracking for full audit purposes. The box also has every patient’s name and address on the front, with an option for adding a photo of the patient as well.

      Dosette Box Pharmacy in Chipping Norton

      Contact Pharmacy to My Door if you’d like to start simplifying your medication management. As a leading dosette box pharmacy in Stratford upon Avon and Moreton in Marsh, we can ensure you stay on top of your prescriptions. Our services are also useful for care home residents and for your loved ones who need extra help taking their pills. Reach out to us today to find out more.

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