What are the benefits of subscribing to NHS repeat prescription services?

repeat prescription

A large percentage of the UK population takes one or more medications regularly. For years, the only way to get refills of your medications was to go down to your GP’s office to request it, then return a few days later to pick up the prescription. You would then need to go to the pharmacy to get your medications.

In this day and age, no one has enough spare time to go through this process every time they need more medication. By using the NHS repeat prescription services provided by Pharmacy to My Door, you’ll be saving yourself considerable time, effort, and stress. The entire process is done electronically with very little needed from the patient except confirmation.

It’s important to remember that even if you’ve taken medication for years, your GP may request an in-person or telephone consultation to conduct a routine medication review. This is to determine whether the medications you’re taking are still providing the therapeutic benefit they were prescribed for.

NHS Repeat Prescription in Bloxham and Brailes

To get started with hassle free prescriptions, advise your GP surgery that you’d like to nominate Pharmacy to My Door as your preferred pharmacy. This can often be done online if your GP has an online portal. You can also try doing it through the NHS app or contacting your GP directly.

Once you have nominated us as your pharmacy, we’ll send you periodic reminders when you’re due a refill. After you let us know that you need your medications, we’ll contact your GP to get approval to dispense your medication. Then we’ll have your prescriptions sent directly to your doorstep at no extra charge! If you normally pay for your medications, you’ll still need to pay this fee. However, having us fill your prescriptions and deliver them to you is available at no extra cost.

Getting your medications delivered from PTMD is a simple process that takes the headache out of getting the medications you regularly need. If you want to sign up for NHS repeat prescriptions in Shipston-on-Stour or NHS repeat prescriptions in Wellesbourne, contact Pharmacy to My Door.

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