What do pharmacists do in care homes?

Care Home Pharmacy in Kineton

      People in the UK are living longer than ever before. In addition to giving us more time with our loved ones, an increase in the elderly population poses challenges for care homes. Care homes have more patients but often don’t get more staff or funding to match.

      As a trusted and experienced care home pharmacy in Kineton, Pharmacy to My Door can make the most of your care home’s resources. Our services not only make it easier for your facility to run smoothly, but we also help enhance your residents’ quality of life.

      Care Home Pharmacy Services  

      Care home pharmacists provide more than just traditional pharmacy services. Working with a care home pharmacy will give your residents an enhanced and more personalised level of care. They are specially trained in the unique needs that elderly and vulnerable residents require, needs that typically go beyond what community pharmacies offer.

      Your care home pharmacist can:

      • Dispense medications
      • Conduct medication reviews
      • Order repeat prescriptions
      • Action mid-cycle changes and emergency prescriptions
      • Run clinics
      • Treat minor injuries and ailments
      • Provide training to care home staff

      This list is only a snapshot of the ways that a care home pharmacist can improve your residents’ health. As the needs of older patients evolve, so does the services of care home pharmacists. PTMD’s pharmacists stay up to date on all the latest training and trends in their field so that they can always provide more than just what regulations require.

      Benefits of a Care Home Pharmacy in Chipping Campden

      Research has shown that working with a care home pharmacy in Moreton in Marsh like Pharmacy to My Door reduces:

      • Medication errors
      • Hospital admissions
      • Medicine waste
      • Trips and falls
      • Call outs to GPs
      • Time care home staff have to spend on administration

      By carrying out many of the day-to-day admin of medications, care home pharmacists free up valuable time for care home staff. With more free time, staff can dedicate more of their efforts to more personalised attention to the residents.

      The Best Care Home Pharmacy in Kineton and Wellesbourne

      Pharmacy to My Door is a care home pharmacy in Chipping Norton that works with care homes and budgets of all sizes. If you want to reduce the load on your staff while boosting your residents’ health, contact us today. You can also find more information about our services by visiting our website.

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