What Happens If I Lose My Repeat Prescription?

What Happens If I Lose My Repeat Prescription

These days, most repeat prescriptions are issued electronically and one of the great advantages of this is that you don’t need to remember to look after a small piece of paper. It also means that people who are visually impaired don’t need to request an NHS repeat prescription in braille.  If you are looking for an NHS repeat prescription in Bloxham, contact PTMD who can handle your repeat prescriptions online via their digital pharmacy. You don’t even need a computer.

The NHS has been moving towards more digitalisation and one of the key areas to benefit from new technology is the issuing of prescriptions and repeat prescription medication.

Online prescriptions and dispensing offer numerous advantages to the GP and the patient. These include:-

  • No paper form which can be mislaid or lost
  • No requirement to fill out a repeat prescription form
  • Time and cost savings for the GP surgery
  • Free dispense to the patient’s door or an address of their choosing

It has never been easier to order a repeat prescription. Choose a pharmacy with online dispensing and then set up an account online. If you don’t have a computer then your GP surgery can do this for you.

Once the medication is added to your account, you can order a repeat prescription online and the pharmacy will request the medicines from your GP. All you need to do is allow around 48 hours notice for the prescription to be approved, a bit longer if it is a weekend or public holiday.

NHS repeat prescriptions can be set up online for a defined period, usually anything up to six months at which point the pharmacit will trigger a Medication Review which necessitates an appointment with your GP. This is to check key factors like blood pressure if relevant and to make sure that the medication is still of value and that your condition has not changed.

Why not talk to PTMD about our digital online prescription service. It’s quick and effiicient with free delivery of medicines direct to your front door. If you are looking for an NHS repeat prescription in Bloxham then take advantage of PTMD’s online pharmacy service, you don’t need a computer to set this up. If you have been requesting an NHS repeat prescription in braille, then an online account looked after by your trusted pharmacy can save you the need to do this.

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