What Is A Care Home Pharmacy?


What Is a Care Home Pharmacy?

Care home managers and nurses tend to have a huge responsibility when it comes to prescriptions, assisting with medical needs and managing repeat prescriptions for residents and clients. As austerity has an increasing impact on services, many pharmacies may not look at partnering with care homes as a profitable venture. If you are looking for a care home pharmacy in Birmingham or a care home pharmacy in Droitwich, Pharmacy To My Door, is a care home pharmacy that will partner with your care home providing online services to ensure seamless operations and complete accountability.

What is a Care Home Pharmacy?

A Care Home Pharmacy is a pharmacy that supports residents and care teams with expert health care advice and regular advice from experienced pharmacists which help care home teams to meet the high standards required by regulators. With a high attention to detail, we provide an invaluable service to care home teams.

  • We offer a dedicated pharmacist for your home to streamline services and give you a known point of contact. 
  • We act as the liaison between GP, care home staff and residents concerning prescriptions. 
  • We collect and dispense, offer emergency prescription services and can dispense up until 6pm, on the same-day in many cases. 
  • We have an in house audit system which can act as an additional layer of protection and review for your home and residents. 
  • We are a fully digitized provider. This combines our resources and protocols with our unique and flexible approach and attention to detail that you would expect from a dedicated high street pharmacy.

When you partner with Pharmacy To My Door, you receive a uniquely flexible service that excels in provision as a care home pharmacy. Our attention to detail, resources, and protocols combined with being fully digitized is a huge advantage to care home managers, service providers and nurses, which makes your job just that bit smoother.

Pharmacy To My Door is a unique care home online pharmacy service that combines the strength of large and small pharmacy services and provides a uniquely tailored service for the individual and demanding needs of the care home sector. Please visit our website for additional information www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk

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