What Is A Repeat Prescription And What’s The Easiest Way To Get One?

What is a Repeat Prescription and What s the Easiest Way to Get One

What is a Repeat Prescription and What’s the Easiest Way to Get One?

A repeat prescription is a recurring prescription of medicine that you have previously and recently been prescribed. It could be anti-inflammatories, blood pressure tablets or even the contraceptive pill. For many people on long term medication, repeat prescriptions are a routine part of their daily life. Repeat prescriptions are certainly a fact of life for every doctor’s surgery in the UK. The NHS now offers online repeat prescriptions which is the repeat prescription service you have always known, only now with the benefit of digitalisation. You can order your repeat prescription online and you don’t even need a computer to do it.

How to Use Repeat Prescriptions?

The new NHS digital service has simplified the process of ordering repeat prescriptions making it easier and less time-consuming for the patient and also saving the GP’s surgery administration time and costs.

All the information you need is contained in the NHS Repeat Prescriptions GuideSimply nominate a dispenser while keeping in mind that all the high street chemists like Boots are part of this digital repeat prescription revolution.

How early can I order a repeat prescription?

The normal window to re-order a repeat prescription is about ten days in advance.  Special requests such as absences due to holiday or for other reasons will be considered by the surgery on a patient by patient basis. If you have an online pharmacy account then the system can take care of all your repeat medicines for you and will issue a handy reminder so you never forget.

To learn more about how to order a repeat prescription in the UK ask your GP surgery for more information. Online NHS repeat prescriptions are transforming the prescription and dispensing of medicines and treatments. Now, repeat prescriptions have never been quicker and more convenient, plus it takes the worry out of remembering to order so you never run the risk of running out of your medicines again. Speak to your GP or PTMD about ordering repeat prescriptions online. PTMD’s repeat prescription ordering service will liaise directly with your GP to create a seamless transaction from your doctor directly to your door. Our website has more information.  https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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