What Is A Repeat Prescription? Benefits Of Repeat Prescription Service

Discover repeat prescription benefits for convenience

A repeat prescription is a prescription medication that you receive on a regular basis to manage long-term or chronic conditions. In contrast to a one-off prescription, repeat medications can be issued without you needing to see your GP every time you need a refill.

Even if you receive a medication regularly, it can be time-consuming and frustrating having to keep requesting it from your GP surgery. More and more surgeries are offering electronic and digital prescriptions, but for those who do not, ordering a repeat prescription can be a hassle. With our lives busier than ever, many of us do not have that much time to spare to order medications we routinely take.

NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery

You can avoid all that bother with Pharmacy to My Door’s NHS repeat prescription service. Easily sign up online either directly on our website or with the Healthera app. You can also nominate us as your pharmacy with your surgery. If you’d rather speak with us, our dedicated team is available to answer queries you may have.

Once you are signed up with us and we receive the details of your medications, we will contact your GP on your behalf to request and dispense your prescriptions. PTMD will then dispatch your medications right to your doorstep. If it is an urgent prescription you need, our hours of operation mean we can often accommodate last minute requests. Because everything is done electronically, it is always quick and efficient, minimising the risk of you not getting your medication in time.

Whenever you are due a refill, you will receive a reminder from us. As soon as you let us know you need your medication, we will contact your GP. Additionally, if you are due a medication review, we will let you know so that you don’t risk running out of your medicine.

Arguably the greatest benefit of using our repeat prescription, however, is that it is completely free for both you and the NHS! With it being a time and money saver, there’s no reason to not get your NHS repeat prescriptions through Pharmacy to My Door. For NHS repeat prescription service in Kineton and NHS repeat prescription service in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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