What Is NHS Repeat Dispensing?

What is NHS Repeat Dispensing?

NHS repeat dispensing is an electronic process which allows a patient to obtain their NHS repeat prescription online if they wish without the need for the prescribing doctor to hand sign repeat prescriptions every time a request is made.  Two-thirds of all prescriptions issued in primary care are repeat prescriptions and these account for nearly 80% of all NHS medicine costs in the primary care sector.

The NHS repeat prescription ordering service allows the prescribing doctor to authorise and issue a batch of repeat prescriptions until the point that the patient is due for review.  Since 2009, an Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) has been available.  The management of these prescriptions and the time involved in processing them is vast although EPS has helped to reduce the burden.   There are 410 million repeat prescriptions generated every year which averages to 200 per week per GP.  It is estimated that around 80% of these could be replaced with NHS repeat dispensing which could save 2.7 million hours of GP time.  Repeat Dispensing Services were introduced in 2005 and with the advent of EPS in 2009, time and cost savings are now being made.  Order your repeat prescription online from PTMD.

What does NHS repeat dispensing offer to the patient?

NHS repeat dispensing makes the process of obtaining long-term medication much easier and trouble-free for the patient particularly if they use EPS which allows a pharmacist to deliver medicines to their door for free.

Which patients are suitable for NHS repeat dispensing?

Any patient who is suitable for Electronic Repeat Dispensing could be suitable for NHS repeat dispensing.  This includes:-

  • Patients on stable therapy
  • Patients with long-term conditions
  • Patients who are on multiple therapies
  • Patients that can appropriately manage seasonal conditions
  • Any individual patient based on clinical assessment

For NHS repeat prescription orders online, visit our website where we have an informative repeat dispensing guide to help you understand whether NHS repeat dispensing is suitable for your needs.  Take a look at our website https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/ which offers easy and convenient NHS repeat prescription ordering.

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