What Is The Best Way To Get NHS Repeat Prescriptions Online?

What is the best way to get NHS repeat prescriptions online?

Did you know that most NHS repeat prescriptions are now processed online? There are two ways that this works:-

  • When you are given a prescription by your doctor, you can take the paper copy to a pharmacy of your choice.  Each paper script now contains a barcode that the pharmacist will scan to download your prescription from a secure NHS database
  • You can nominate Pharmacy To My Door to manage all of your prescriptions.  The GP’s surgery will send it through automatically to the dispenser without you having to do anything, you can choose to either collect the medication or have it delivered

Things you may not have known

  • You don’t need to have a computer to take advantage of the electronic NHS repeat prescription ordering service
  • You can change your dispenser at any time so if you move house or area or want to use a pharmacy near your place of work because you want to collect in person.  Simply tell your GP that your designated pharmacist has changed.  Always allow enough time for the switchover to take place
  • You have to give your consent to the electronic prescription process, nothing will happen without that
  • Electronic prescriptions are totally secure and reliable and are subject to all the same checks as the old-fashioned paper-based system.  Your data is completely secure
  • Your nominated pharmacy can organise your repeat prescriptions for you without you having to do anything at all, or, you can open an online account and set up NHS repeat prescription ordering facility yourself
  • The online NHS repeat prescription service saves the NHS a lot of money any by streamlining the process, it makes it more efficient, saving time too which can be put to better use elsewhere

Choose Pharmacy To My Door as your nominated pharmacy and let us take the strain of your repeat prescriptions.

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