What is the difference between acute and repeat prescriptions?

NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Chipping Campden

      Repeat prescriptions are common in the UK, especially in older patients. Being able to get your medications easily and on time is important to maintaining a better quality of life. Occasionally, you may also need to take an acute prescription.

      Pharmacy to My Door can help you with filling your NHS repeat prescription in Moreton in Marsh and Wellesbourne. We can also help with other medication requests, like emergency prescriptions and acute prescriptions.

      Acute Prescriptions vs Repeat Prescriptions

      If you’ve ever had an infection, your GP may have given you a prescription for a short course of antibiotics to treat it. Your infection was expected to be cleared by the end of your prescription without the need for any refills.

      This would classified as an acute prescription. Acute prescriptions are limited prescriptions that are meant to treat a temporary or short-term ailment. They may be one-off prescriptions or have a limited number of refills.

      Repeat prescriptions, on the other hand, are medications that are taken on a regular basis. They are generally prescribed to help patients manage a chronic or long-term condition. Examples of repeat prescriptions include diabetes medications, blood thinners, or anti-depressants.

      How to Get Repeat Prescriptions in Bloxham and Chipping Norton

      One of the benefits of repeat prescriptions is how easy requesting refills can be. You can do this in person at your GP surgery, but electronic prescriptions are faster and more convenient for most patients.

      Your GP surgery may have an online portal where you can request your medications whenever you need a refill. You can also open an account on the NHS app or another NHS approved app and manage your medications there.

      Before you request your medications electronically, you’ll need to nominate your preferred pharmacy with your GP. Once approved, your GP will send the prescription to your preferred pharmacy for them to dispense your medications.

      NHS Repeat Prescriptions with Pharmacy to My Door

      If you nominate Pharmacy to My Door as your pharmacy, we’ll manage much of the work in getting you your prescriptions. We can request your medications from your GP on your behalf then have your prescriptions shipped right to your door.

      To start managing your medications 24/7 from the comfort of your home, contact Pharmacy to My Door to discuss NHS Repeat Prescriptions in Chipping Campden and Moreton in Marsh.

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