What is The Procedure for Repeat Prescriptions?

What is The Procedure for Repeat Prescriptions

So many people are on multiple medications and repeat prescriptions that it can become difficult to keep track of what meds are in and when. When your doctor orders a medicine that you will be taking on a regular basis, this can be done as a repeat prescription. This makes it easier to get refills without having to go to see your doctor every time you’re up for a refill. Once your doctor puts you on a medication and is happy with you being on it, he can put in for a repeat prescription and you can follow a few simple steps to get a refill.

How To Get a Repeat Prescription

Every general practitioner has a policy for obtaining a repeat prescription. Because of how time-consuming it is to order refills, most GPs prefer to have their patients on repeat prescriptions for medicines they’ll be on for a long time. Each pharmacy will have its own procedure for getting a repeat prescription, but generally it requires either a phone call or a visit to your pharmacy for pickup. Some pharmacies will deliver, while others will require you to pick it up in person. There are also online apps that you can use to obtain a repeat prescription, such as that offered by the NHS and Healthera. Once you’ve entered your info into the app, you can place an order for the meds you need, but in some cases you will need to speak with your doctor before placing the order. Ordering online is currently the preferred method, owing it to the coronavirus.

Is a repeat prescription free?

It depends on several factors, such as the types of medications that you’re on, your age, region and income. Your pharmacist or doctor will be able to give you more information.

Can I pick up a repeat prescription from a different pharmacy?

Yes, the NHS provides that you can get a repeat prescription from any pharmacy, but it will depend on what they have in stock and if a pharmacist is available to dispense the prescription for you. For your regular medications, one off private prescriptions and one off NHS prescriptions, you can nominate Pharmacy To My Door.

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