What Is The Role Of A Care Home Provider?

What is the Role of a Care Home Provide

What Is The Role Of A Care Home Provider?

The role of a care home provider is to maintain a safe environment for an individual who is no longer able to care for themselves either because of illness or just due to general infirmity, with all of their mental and physical needs being met. Most importantly, that person needs to be treated and respected as the individual they undoubtedly are. PTMD work as a pharmacy partner with care home services in Stratford and Banbury, we also work with care home services in Warwickshire providing all the medication needs for elderly care home residents with our state of the art digitalised pharmacy service.

One of the key responsibilities for care home providers in 2020 has been protecting their senior residents against Coronavirus. Coronavirus has been a real issue in care homes where many of the residents are of advanced years and already have pre-existing health conditions both of which make them more vulnerable to Covid contraction. The other problem has been the restriction of access to their families and loved ones during periods of lockdown which have had a considerable negative impact on the health and wellbeing of elderly care home residents.

If you are looking after an elderly person or have a relative in a care home during the current lockdown then there is plenty of information and advice about Coronavirus and the elderly on government websites. Your care home will be able to let you know the latest protocols for visiting whilst keeping all the residents as safe as possible from Covid.

PTMD provide pharmacy services as part of care home services in Stratford, care home services in Banbury and Warwickshire. We follow all the latest guidance about social distancing and safe practices, working hard to keep elderly people in care safe from Covid whilst providing them with all their prescription medicines. Our website explains more about our fully digitalised pharmacy service whether you are a care home provider or just a private individual looking for a secure and professional pharmacy service. https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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