What Makes A Good Care Home?

What makes a good care home

Choosing care home services for a parent or treasured elderly relative is a complex, expensive and onerous commitment.  It is one of the most critical decisions you will ever make for a family member and you want to be absolutely certain in your mind that you have opted for the best possible care for your loved one.

The care sector is increasing in size to match the UK’s ageing population and so there is a huge variety in the current offering of care home services in Birmingham.

Some handy hints to evaluate care home services

Always visit a care home more than once and on different days and at different times.  This will give you a feel of the daily and weekly routines and you can see the current residents engaging in different activities.

Ask if you may speak to the residents and find out from them how they feel they are being looked after.  Try to speak to residents alone and not necessarily to those highlighted by the staff although you should always respect privacy and the needs of elderly and sick people.

Ask other family members to visit who may have a different perspective both of the home and the relative in question.  They may observe something you have missed or point out an issue which applies specifically to this person.

Try and visit when there are other family members available connected to some of the residents.  Get their perspective on the care their relative is receiving.

Review the quality of menus, daily activities and arranged outings for residents.

Check out legal requirements

Ensure you discuss your relatives care closely with the manager to be certain that the home can provide the level of care or nursing care your family member requires.  Read the latest CQC report.  Be totally clear about the fees and what they cover, ask if there any extras.

Ongoing GP support and medication

Continuing access to GP services and prescription requirements are both very important requirements in the care of the elderly, sick and infirm.  Evaluate the provision of these and the integration with local surgeries as you may not be within a geographical area you are familiar with.  If your relative is on long-term medication then it is important to ensure that they have easy access to repeat prescriptions and a doctor when they need to see one.  Learn more about online pharmacy services at www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk and find out whether this is something your care home offers.

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