What Sets Pharmacy to My Door Apart from Other Pharmacies?

What Sets Pharmacy to My Door Apart from Other Pharmacies?

Choosing a pharmacy is an important decision. You want to choose someone who will partner with you in your health journey and not just treat you like you are another number in the queue. Most people, when choosing a pharmacy, consider location, opening times, the team, prices, and fees. Pharmacy To My Door sets itself apart from other pharmacies in some of the most basic ways, but we also go so much further by taking extra steps that you might not even think of – simply because we care.  

  • Location: You don’t have to worry about getting to us, because we offer online services and deliver to your door.
  • Opening times: You never have to worry about when we are open or closed because online operations exist all day or night. You can order or message us at any time for your convenience. 
  • The Team: Our pharmacists and trained assistants are available for advice on all medicines and minor ailments by phone during trading hours, by email, or by filling out a contact form on our website.
  • Prices and fees: We keep everything to a minimum, delivering prescriptions for free and offering tons of extras – like advice, a blog, tips for home remedies, and dosette box services, at no cost.
  • The extra mile:  We go the extra mile. We partner with care homes where other pharmacies have discounted this service and even further, we not only have kept but encourage the usage of dosette box services.

Dosette Box Services

A dosette box is an individually created blister pack of pills composed of the medications specific to a patient’s prescribed regime. It is organized by dose and time in order to simplify medication dispensing for those who have complicated medication regimes or who have difficulties with medication regimes. In 2016, the NHS eliminated dosette box medication services for most customers aside from those who qualify under the equality act. Most pharmacies who still carry out dosette box services when available charge a fee to administer them. However, at Pharmacy To My Door, our concern for our customers outweighs all other considerations. The benefits of a dosette box for those elderly and vulnerable patients are too important to us to let this service fall by the wayside because we know how important it is to avoid important medications being missed or forgotten. Not only do we continue to offer dosette box services to our customers at absolutely no additional charge, but we will also liaise with your GP to get it approved for you should you need it. Visit us online today and nominate Pharmacy To My Door as your health partner going forward.  www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk 

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