What Should You Do With Expired & Unwanted Medicines?

What should you do with expired unwanted medicines

What should you do with expired & unwanted medicines?

Even if medication is unused and unopened, it cannot be returned for use in the healthcare system for another patient.  Unused medication sadly costs the NHS around £30 million per year some of which is unavoidable but much of which is the result of over-ordering.  If you have unused medicine then you can ask your pharmacist whether they offer an unwanted medicines disposal service.

Where can I dispose of old medication?

Do not offer your unused medication to a family member or friend, you could be putting them at serious risk.  Also, never flush unwanted medicines down the toilet as this can cause huge environmental damage.  PTMD can advise you on the safe storage of medication until it can be disposed of and the different options open to you to dispose of unwanted medication.

Act responsibly and take control of your medication

There are some steps you can take to avoid hoarding up more medicine than you need and save you from having to dispose of unwanted medicationThese includes:-

  • Telling your GP or pharmacist if you have stopped taking any medicines so they can cancel the repeat prescriptions
  • Check what you have before re-ordering
  • Only order what you really need
  • Review your health conditions on a regular basis with your GP or other healthcare professionals
  • Have a clear out two or three times a year for disposal of unwanted medicines

Unopened medication can be a safety risk so contact your pharmacist or GP surgery without delay to ask about an unwanted medicines disposal serviceYou can also receive advice on how to keep the medication safely stored until you are able to dispose of it.  If you are regularly stockpiling medicines you don’t need then PTMD can rationalise your repeat prescriptions with online ordering which means you will always have the medicines that you need but never accumulate too much.  Find out more about this and other services on our website https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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