What to Do If You Need to Change Your NHS Repeat Prescription

NHS Repeat Prescription

A large percentage of the UK population takes one or more medication on a long-term basis. These medications are often referred to as repeat prescriptions and are received regularly without the need for a GP appointment whenever you need a refill.

Most prescriptions and medical supplies are now handled electronically. The process can vary from surgery to surgery, but one of the most common ways this is done is via online portals. Patients can sign up for an account with their GP surgery online and request their repeat prescriptions right from their account.

Other ways patients can request their prescriptions electronically is through their pharmacist’s website and through authorised apps like the NHS app. The GP will review the request and, once approved, sign it electronically and send it over to your nominated pharmacy.

By utilising online and electronic services, the time and effort that goes into prescriptions is vastly reduced. You can also request your medications 24/7 so you won’t have to worry about reaching your GP surgery during office hours.

Despite the move toward electronic prescriptions, patients with limited access to technology will have more accessible methods available to them.

What if My Repeat Prescription Changes?

Occasionally, our medication regimen needs to be adjusted. Regular reviews are often required by your healthcare provider to ensure your medication is still providing the therapeutic effect it was prescribed for.

Any changes to your repeat prescriptions can be handled seamlessly online. Your GP or specialist can update your prescriptions electronically and these updates will be reflected in your record. When it’s time for your medication to be dispensed, the request will be sent to your pharmacist with the new information.

You can use your online account or app to check that your current medications are correct and reflect any changes. Contact your pharmacist or GP if you have any concerns.

NHS Repeat Prescription in Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Campden

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