What You Need To Ask Your GP Before Dispensing Unwanted Medicines?

What you need to ask your GP before dispensing unwanted medicines

What You Need to ask your GP before dispensing unwanted medicines?

Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS around £30 million every year.  It is really important to avoid waste and only order what you actually need.  However, if you do have unsued medication that you no longer need then your GP surgery or private online doctor can advise you how best to dispose of it.  Doctors in Redditch and private doctors in the UK are equipped with this information and can point you to organised services for the safe disposal of unwanted medicines.

How to return unwanted medicines

Even if medicines are untouched and unopened, they cannot be recycled back into the system and used by someone else.  Never dispose of unwanted medicines down the toilet as this can have huge environmental implications and never offer unused medicines to a friend or family member who you think may be prescribed the same medicines.  This is risking their health.  Your GP or private online doctor can advise you how to safely dispose of your unwanted medication.

How to avoid building up unused medication

Sometimes, having surplus and unused medication is inevitable and unavoidable but there are steps you can take if you are on long-term and regular medicines to minimise the risk of this happening:-

  • Let your GP or pharmacist know if you have stopped taking any medicines, this will avoid repeat prescriptions still being issued
  • Check the medicines you have at home before re-ordering
  • Discuss your medication needs regularly to ensure they suit your requirements
  • Only order medicines you really need
  • If you need to go into hospital then take all your current medication with you in a clearly marked bag

Unused medication is a safety risk so don’t stockpile it, make sure it is returned to your doctor or pharmacist for safe disposal.  Your GP surgeon like all doctors in Redditch and most private doctors in the UK will have a protocol for the disposal of unwanted medicinesFor more advice and information about how to manage your prescription medication, speak to PharmacyToMyDoor or take a look at our website https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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