What You Need To Know About Repeat Prescriptions Online?

Essential guide to online repeat prescriptions

Ordering and collecting repeat prescriptions for long-term medication has always been a bugbear, remembering to order it on time, having to go the GP to obtain a repeat prescription and then take it to a pharmacist to have the medicines dispensed often requiring two trips to actually collect it.  Technology has revolutionised this process and now everyone can take advantage of repeat prescription services which are online and completely digital with a repeat prescription delivery service which means you don’t even have to leave your home to receive your repeat medication.  Pharmacy To My Door has a professional online repeat prescription service which is fully digitalised to liaise with your GP or private doctor, it couldn’t be more simpler to fulfil your long-term medication needs.  Here’s how it works.

  • Open an online account with PTMD
  • Set up your medication needs and order using an online prescription
  • If your prescription needs approval then this will automatically be sent to your GP by PTMD
  • Your GP will contact you to discuss the medication if necessary before it is approved
  • Use your online account to set up repeat prescriptions which take all the worry out of remembering to order.  The system will automatically generate the request for you which will be sent to your GP to approve
  • If you are on long-term medication then in some circumstances, your GP may approve a series of repeat prescriptions in advance, this will automatically be set up for you and dispensed, this is known as electronic repeat dispensing
  • Your medicines can be [H6G1]  delivered free of charge to your door. Choose where your medication will go, this can be home or work and you can log into your online account to change the delivery point to suit your needs.  This is regardless of your location and whether you are looking for repeat prescriptions in London or a rural area

Using a safe and secure electronic system, PTMD has taken all the hassle and inconvenience out of ordering repeat prescriptions with our repeat prescription serviceSet up an account, order a repeat prescription online and then get on with your day.

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