Who Can Use The NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery Service?

Who Can Use the NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery Service

Who Can Use the NHS Repeat Prescription Delivery Service?

Anyone can use the NHS Repeat Prescription Online Service. You don’t need a computer to make the most of the convenience that online prescription ordering can offer, because most repeat prescription services can be accessed via mobile phone. Some can also be organised with the help of a trusted pharmacy partner like PTMD, without the use of technology at all. The NHS repeat prescription service is designed to be inclusive for all, so if you receive regular medication and want to find out more about NHS repeat prescription ordering then talk to PTMD.

PTMD offers one of the best prescription delivery services as part of the new electronic prescribing regime which is designed to simplify the process of ordering regular medication and make it quicker, more efficient and certainly more cost-effective.

Electronic prescribing means that a script can be sent straight from your doctor’s computer to your nominated pharmacist who will then check the order and dispense it directly to you, the patient. You don’t need a computer to take advantage of this service, all you need to do is tell either your pharmacist or the GP surgery what you want to do.

The electronic repeat prescription service is designed to cut down on repeated visits to GP’s surgery and to the chemist, crucial in these times of Tier restrictions and ongoing lockdown. If you have your own computer or mobile device, then you can manage your account online. The pharmacists’ system will issue a handy reminder when you need to reorder medicines via the GP and you can conveniently change the address of where they are delivered to just by logging into your account.  You can also review your medication and remove medicines you no longer need or use.

Your online pharmacy can send a request for a reorder of medication around a couple of weeks before your current stock is due to run out. All you need to do is simply confirm the request and then PTMD will do the rest for you, contacting your doctor and issuing the medicines when the repeat is approved.

Who pays for prescription delivery?

Repeat prescription deliveries are free to your door with PTMD, but some other pharmacies will now ask you to pay a delivery charge. Some online pharmacists operate an annual subscription service which can work out much cheaper especially if you have regular and bulky medicines delivered.

Ask your GP or PTMD about the repeat prescription service available at your local pharmacy.  NHS repeat prescriptions online save time and money for both patients and the doctors’ surgeries.  NHS repeat prescription ordering has never been so slick and easy.  Our website has more information.   https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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