Why Are Modern Digitalised Pharmacy Services Proving So Vital In The Care Home Sector?

Why are modern digitalised pharmacy services proving so vital in the care home sector

Why are modern digitalised pharmacy services proving so vital in the care home sector?

As the UK population lives longer and more and more pressure is being put on a National Health Service conceived over seventy years ago and desperately trying to adjust to monumental demand. Technology is being put to good use in the fight to update and streamline, to provide services which are fit for purpose, instantaneous and responsive.

In Warwickshire, we offer a care home pharmacy service which has simplified and empowered the care sector. Medications are a huge part of caring for the sick and elderly. Every day in care homes throughout the county, large numbers of complex medications are dispensed to residents. Requirements change in line with varying health conditions both acute and chronic plus the management of numerous issues simply associated with old age.

Digitalised pharmacy services can support both complex and voluminous patient requirements, rationalising and reinforcing the work of nursing homes and care homes. This helps home care services deliver the range of optimal support needed to reflect the complex and changing needs of their residents and patients.

How does it work?

A care home or nursing home can register an online account which will organise and collate digitally the medication needs for each resident in the home. Medicines are cross-referenced, e-reminders are set up for repeat prescriptions and this is all dealt with remotely at the click of a button. For the home, medicines are delivered daily in pre-packaged and labelled trays, much like the ease, convenience and personal service of the high street chemist but for large numbers of people and, without the hassle and time this would have taken to do it all by hand and in person.

Record keeping is backed up, thorough and totally secure, available at a glance for visiting doctors and staff members. Records can be reviewed and shared digitally with third parties. The whole system is sleek, efficient and saves huge time and resources which can be put to better use in the face to face care of residents.

Explore our website to learn more about what remote online pharmacy support can do for home care services. Visit www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk and see for yourself the transformative power of online pharmacy resources in the care home sector.

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