Why Choose An Online Repeat Prescription Service?

Why Choose An Online Repeat Prescription Service?

With integrated digital technology between your GP and nominated pharmacy, it has never been easier to organise repeat prescriptions and you don’t even need a computer to enjoy this seamless and convenient service.

How do online repeat prescription services work?

With Pharmacy To My Door, all you have to do is tell us the medication that your GP usually dispenses to you on the repeat prescription service and we will do the rest.  We liaise with your surgery, receive the repeat prescription online and our team of pharmacists will obtain the medication, check the dosage and dispense the medicines.  You then receive your repeat prescriptions free of charge to your door, it couldn’t be simpler.

Technology has revolutionised the dispensing of repeat prescriptions and transformed the repeat prescription service from the chore it used to be into something patients don’t have to worry about anymore.  Getting to the doctor to re-order and then taking the prescription to the chemist was a challenge for some people limited by mobility issues or chronic ill health.  Now all that is necessary is contact with Pharmacy To My Door and a short wait for the medicines to arrive at your door.

Get in touch with PTMD by telephone, by email or you can open an own online account but you don’t need to have a computer to receive the benefit of online repeat prescription servicesPTMD’s service is fully integrated with your GP surgery and all medication is dispensed by qualified pharmacists, checked and verified in the usual way as if you had taken the prescription to your high street chemist yourself.  Not only do you save yourself the chore of repeated trips for continuous medication but you are easing the burden for hard-pressed NHS staff.

Take a look at PTMD’s repeat prescription service plus all our other pharmacy support and guidance all available from the comfort of your own home. Our pharmacy leaflet explains the service in more detail.  Visit www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk to find out more.

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