Why Home Care Matters?

Why Home Care Matters

Why Home Care Matters?

Home care usually involves providing care for elderly people within their own home; it is the same as the type of care which can be provided by an old people’s accommodation unit or residential care home. PTMD supports both home care and care home services in Birmingham, care home services in Bromsgrove and care home services in Banbury.

What are the benefits of home care?

There are many benefits of home care for elderly people and these include:

  •  The familiarity of surroundings – whether it is ongoing care for the elderly or nursing care following surgery or illness, everyone recovers best in their home. Familiarity of surroundings can be particularly important with conditions like dementia
  • Care plans can be personalised rather than having to conform to the routines of a care home
  •  As much independence as possible can be maintained which is really important to help with a positive mental outlook – care can be confined to help with specific tasks to supplement the home routine

The Importance of Home Care

Home care offers one huge advantage to the patient and their family and that is the ability to keep that person in the familiar and safe confines of their own house, with all their recognisable personal possessions around them. This makes a massive difference to an elderly person and their close family, and helps preserve both good mental and physical health for as long as possible.

Home can become a frightening place for those who are maybe living alone and find that their mental or physical health is starting to fail them. Home care takes away that isolation and worry to provide supported living which reflects the needs of that particular individual. Close family are reassured about their loved ones’ safety and wellbeing, and dignity and independent living are preserved. Having access to a much-loved pet or garden can all be taken away if residential care is the only option.

PTMD is involved in the provision of care home services in Birmingham as part of our role as a trusted pharmacy partner supplying the medication needs of care home residents. We support care home services in Bromsgrove and in Banbury as well as home carers looking after the elderly and vulnerable within their private dwellings.  You can learn more on our website https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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