Why is it Important to Manage Medicines Effectively in a Care Home?

Why is it Important to Manage Medicines Effectively in a Care Home

Poor management of medications in care homes is a huge problem.  With 7 of 10 care home residents exposed to at least one medication error per day throughout the UK, it is a widespread problem that needs close attention and care if you are a care home manager.  Pharmacy to My Door is a recognised care home pharmacy and can assist you with medications management.  PTMD is your care home pharmacy in Brailes, Moreton in Marsh and Kineton.

In the are of medications administration, the social care institute of excellence have published a prevention checklist to prevent the maladministration of medications:

  • Residents should be supported to manage their own medications unless they lack capacity.
  • Medications should be stored in each resident’s room in a locked cupboard.  A risk assessment should be undertaken in relation to the resident themselves as well as all other residents in terms of unsupervised access to the cupboard.
  • Extensive medication administration record keeping systems should be clearly set out in the home’s procedures.  There should also be evidence of manager checks for adherence at regular intervals.
  • All staff that administer medication should receive regular training and can demonstrate that they are competent.
  • “Training” is defined as:
    • Administration procedures
    • Knowledge Of medicines
    • Effects of medications (side effects as well)
    • Knowledge of condition or illness being treated
  • Staff should be aware of and practice the reporting of concerns of over-medication via safeguarding procedures.
  • The home should have a supportive environment if and when a staff member reports concerns.  Staff should not be tempted to cover it up due to a toxic or punitive environment.
  • Appropriate numbers of trained staff should be available for medications administrations
  • The home should work with the GP and pharmacy to examine mistakes with a view to improve
  • Medication reviews should be carried on regularly (usually by a GP but should be encouraged by staff if not)

There are additional items to the checklist, but they do not necessarily concern medication optimization directly.  Pharmacy to My Door can assist you and shoulder some of the burden by offering some of the training mentioned as well as partnering with you to flag up drug interactions and medications reviews for your residents.  Pharmacy to My Door is your care home pharmacy in Brailes, Moreton in Marsh and Kineton.

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