Why People Prefer Ordering Their Repeat Prescriptions Online

Why People Prefer Ordering their Repeat Prescriptions Online

For the individual patient through to scaling up to the varied needs of a care or nursing home, the repeat prescriptions service in London is undergoing something of a quiet revolution brought to you by Pharmacy to my Door’s repeat prescription service.

Repeat prescriptions can be difficult to coordinate particularly if you have numerous medicines.  Multiply that by several patients all taking different medications with different renewal dates and the process can become cumbersome and laborious.  It can be difficult to plan ahead sufficiently and illness and other circumstances such as weather and mobility can interfere with the process as well.

The benefits of online repeat prescriptions

Enjoy a one-click repeat prescription service which is already transforming the lives of seriously ill patients and their carers as well as the elderly and infirm for whom mobility and travelling may be a real challenge.

Making a request online couldn’t be simpler.  Once the process has been set in train after the initial repeat prescription has been approved by the GP, anyone can set up an online account and manage their prescriptions securely, discretely and remotely with all the benefits this entails.  Patients with large amounts of different medicines need no longer be overwhelmed coordinating different repeat dates.

The simplicity of online repeat prescriptions

Technology can coordinate all the complex and fiddly elements of constantly ordering repeat medicines.  Scale this up to a residential care setting and any care home could be on the receiving end of large and tangible benefits.  Our system online can manage multiple prescriptions for multiple people.  Technology makes smart work of the endless variations in dates, amounts, medicines, GP surgeries and delivery addresses, simplifying and streamlining the process ensuring optimum ease and efficiency.

With an ageing population, repeat medications for conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are all too common.  Order securely and privately with no waiting around for appointments or to drop off paper scripts with a return visit to collect the medication later on.  Take a look at all the benefits of Pharmacy to my Door’s repeat prescription service at our website www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk and see what we can do for you and your business.

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