Why Use A Dosette Box Or A Pill Organiser?

Why Use A Dosette Box or a Pill Organiser

There are many benefits of using a Dosette box and this applies both to the patient and their careres. To find out what a Dosette box is and how it could help you or your loved one, contact PTMD who offer a dosette box service from their pharmacy in Wellesbourne.

What is a Dosette Box?

A Dosette Box is a plastic tray which is compartmentalised into different days with each day having sub-dividers if there are multiple daily dosages. Dosette Boxes are also called pill organisers.

What are the benefits of using a Dosette Box?

A Dosette Box makes it easier to set out multiple and complicated medication dosages and help ensure the right medicines are taken at the right time and in the correct dosage every day.

Dosette boxes are popular for elderly people who can be forgetful or those with early onset dementia who may forget to take their medication. A pre-loaded Dosette Box can confirm whether medication has been taken or not which is a valuable care tool for both the patients and their family and carers.

A Dosette Box can be structured on a weekly basis or there are monthly Dosette boxes.

Dosette boxes tend to be associated with elderly people but they can often prove very useful for younger people who have a sudden requirement to take medication which may be complicated. This could be following surgery or a serious health diagnosis which requires ongoing treatment at home.

Dosette Boxes work on a visual basis and make it easier to understand which pills to take rather than relying on self-dispensing from bottles or blister packs.

Dosette Boxes can be filled by the patient or pre-filled by the pharmacy or a carer or family member.

Find out more about what a Dosette Box is and the benefits of using a Dosette Box from PTMD. For a small, initial investment, a Dosette Box can offer peace of mind for both family and carers as well as to the patient, that the correct medicine is being taken at the appropriate time. Contact the PTMD pharmacy in Wellesbourne for more information about Dosette Boxes.

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