Why Use An Electronic Prescription Service?

Why Use An Electronic Prescription Service

Why Use An Electronic Prescription Service?

Electronic Prescription Services (EPS) are gaining in popularity, as they save time and negate the need for paper prescriptions.  When you use an electronic prescription service via Pharmacy to My Door, there are many benefits that you may not be aware of.

What is an Electronic Prescription Service?

In their simplest form, an electronic prescription service allows GPs to send prescriptions electronically (usually through an online system) to a receiving pharmacy. This could be a pharmacy attached to the GP practice, or could be any one of a number of local pharmacies set up to receive prescriptions in this way.

When you then visit the pharmacy, the pharmacist would have already received your prescription and, depending on the time since the prescription was sent, may even have it ready for you to collect with no need to wait whilst they dispense it.

Order Repeat Prescription Online

At Pharmacy to My Door, we go one step further. We offer an online service that anyone can access by registering for our online repeat prescription service. We simply need you to tell us which medications you take regularly, also known as your repeat medications. We are then able to deliver these medications to you, free of charge, promptly and in discrete packaging. Whenever you require more medications, simply log in to order a new supply. If you pay for your medications, you can do this through your account with us. If you are exempt from prescription charges then there’s no need to make a payment.

If you are worried about forgetting to order new medications, you can use your account to set up alerts or reminders. This can reassure you that you won’t forget to order medications before you run out.

To make use of our electronic prescription service to save time and stress, register today and begin ordering your repeat medications online with Pharmacy to My Door.

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