Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic For Your General Practitioner?

Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic for Your General Practitioner

Why You Should Consider A Private Walk In Clinic for Your General Practitioner?

One of the biggest challenges of seeing your GP is time – there just aren’t enough appointments to go round and they often are only available at a time not suitable to most schedules. Why not consider a private GP service which can offer you an appointment at a time to suit you, with longer appointments for complicated health concerns or to discuss more than one health problem. PTMD offers a private GP service in Birmingham and a private GP service in Stratford. Take control of your health and see a doctor as soon as you need to.

What are the advantages of visiting a private general doctor?

In the NHS general practice system, appointment times are kept deliberately short and protocols dictate that only one health need can be discussed in each appointment slot. With a private GP service, appointment times are longer and are not confined to just one health matter, covering several things that may be worrying you. Average appointments are around 30 minutes but can be as long as one hour.

The other huge benefit is that you can usually find an appointment within 24 hours and if you are prepared to go to a walk in clinic then you can see a private GP on the same day. Opening hours are longer than those offered by the NHS so there are early morning and late evening appointments available to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

When to See Your Private GP?

The beauty of the private health system is that you can see your private GP quickly and easily. For those worried about a sudden or potentially serious health problem, not having to wait weeks for an appointment offers tremendous peace of mind. Most people see their private GP for regular as well as potentially urgent ailments and illnesses.

Visit our website to learn more about PTMD’s private GP service in Birmingham with long appointment times and consulting hours which start early in the morning and run later into the evening than your local GP surgery. We also have a private GP service in StratfordFind out more online https://www.pharmacytomydoor.co.uk/

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