The Importance of Person-Centred Pharmacy Services in Care Homes

Care Home Pharmacy in Moreton

Thanks to advances in modern healthcare, we are living longer than we ever have at any point in human history. Over the past ten years, the amount of people in the UK over the age of 85 has increased by 30% and it’s expected this number will double over the next 20 years.

Today’s grandparents aren’t the grandparents of old. People are retiring later in life and continuing to stay strong, active, and healthy well into their old age. Eventually, though, even these fit adults will need at least some help caring for themselves.

The demand for long-term care solutions for older adults is becoming higher and will continue to rise the longer our lifespans become. Care homes will need to adjust to meet these demands while also providing an enhanced level of care.

Providing Person Centred Care

Most adults over the age of 60 have at least one chronic health condition that requires medical treatment. Health care innovation will continue provide more options for patients to manage these conditions, meaning there will be a wide variety of treatments being administered within care homes.

Care home staff work hard to provide residents with personalised care and support. This becomes increasingly difficult the more patients they have, especially if they are all undergoing various treatment plans.

Pharmacy professionals can help ease this burden by becoming the point person for these treatments. By utilising the services of a care home pharmacist like those at Pharmacy to  My Door, you will have a skilled pharmacist on hand who recognises the importance of person-centred care.

As a care home pharmacy in Chipping Campden, we know that the needs of your residents are different, and we will implement a personalised treatment programme designed to promote and enrich the lives of your residents. We do this by:

  • Administering medications
  • Performing medication reviews
  • Providing information and training to your staff
  • Empowering patients to make decisions about their healthcare
  • Give advice about minor ailments
  • Streamline and safeguard medicine administration
  • Liaise between GP’s and hospitals

A Leading Care Home Pharmacy in Moreton in Marsh

Studies have shown that partnering with a pharmacist improves the overall health and wellbeing of care home residents. Additionally, the personalised care a pharmacist provides reduces medication errors, falls among residents, and hospital admissions. A care home pharmacist also frees up your staff to spend more time one-on-one with the residents.

Discover the positive impact a care home pharmacist can have on the lives of your residents.

Reach out to us to find out more about what we can offer you as a leading care home pharmacy in Kineton and Chipping Norton.

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