Medication Optimisation: the Essential Role of a Care Home Pharmacy

Medication Optimisation: the Essential Role of a Care Home Pharmacy

If you are a care home or a supported living home manager and you still have medication management methodologies in place that involve each care worker being responsible for each client, you may be able to improve the efficiency and care of your clients with medication optimisation.  PTMD is able to serve in the essential role of a care home pharmacy and offer you a streamlined medication management service for your home and the clients you serve.  This will optimise your medication management processes and ensure that your clients are receiving the correct medications and doses at the appropriate intervals.  It will also ensure that medication reviews are conducted at appropriate times, contra-indications are caught in a timely manner and any over-the-counter medications that could result in a reaction are also considered in your clients medications management scheme (provided you keep them all in-house with us).

What is a care home pharmacy?

A care home pharmacy is a pharmacy that works in partnership with care homes to manage the health needs of their residents.  An important way to manage health care needs is by providing expert health care advice and regular visits from experienced pharmacists that meet the standards imposed by regulators.

What is medication optimisation?

According to the NHS, medication optimisation is supporting patients to get the best possible outcomes from their medicines, through the adoption of a patient-focused approach to medicines use.   The Royal Pharmaceutical Association has produced guidance that points to 4 guiding principles in medicines optimisation:

  1.  Aim to understand the patient’s experience
  2. evidence -based choice of medicines
  3. Make sure medicines us is as safe as possible
  4. Make medicines optimisation part of routine practice

Choose Pharmacy to My Door to be your care home pharmacy in brailes.  We offer bespoke services with CQC compliant audits and training with unique and comprehensive specialist solutions.  Our team embodies professionalism, dignity, respect and compassion.  We stay on top of CQC’s ever-evolving compliance requirements and work closely with all of our care home stakeholders to be successful in medicine management for our care homes and their clients alike.

PTMD has caring professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have about medicine optimisation and care home pharmacy partnership.  Visit us online for more information, or give us a call today.

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