Month: April 2021

How Physical Health Problems Can Affect Your Mental Health

How Physical Health Problems Can Affect Your Mental Health?

We tend to pay attention to our physical health and increasingly more, our mental health, though we should collectively consider the impact of physical health on mental health going forward. Research has shown that poor physical health can lead to mental health conditions such as depression

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When Can You Order A Repeat Prescription

When Can You Order A Repeat Prescription?

The first step you must take to order a repeat prescription is to sign up for NHS Repeat Prescription services. Repeat prescription service does not take away any of the privileges and advantages you experience when visiting the GP by receiving a paper prescription.

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What Is A Care Home Pharmacy?

Care home managers and nurses tend to have a huge responsibility when it comes to prescriptions, assisting with medical needs and managing repeat prescriptions for residents and clients. As austerity has an increasing impact on services, many pharmacies may not look at partnering with care homes as a profitable venture.

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How To Check Whether You Are Eligible For Repeat Prescriptions

How To Check Whether You Are Eligible For Repeat Prescriptions?

Signing up for repeat prescription services is an easy and convenient way to ensure that you don’t have to go to visit the GP and get a paper prescription every time you need a refill of a medication that you are on for a period of time. If you receive medicine on a repeat prescription, you can use our website to order your repeat prescriptions online.

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How To Care For Dementia Patients In Care Homes?

Having a relative diagnosed with dementia can be a heartbreaking experience for you both. At first, you may care for your relative yourself, then you may consider bringing in some supportive assistance and you may also consider placing your relative in a care home if your family member requires around the clock care.

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